Bronze Knocker

Tiziano Aspetti's masterpieces grace Korčula City Museum's prestigious collection.

Short story, Documentary, Storytelling  2023   3:06 sec

Marija Lipanović provides insight into Tiziano Aspetti's restored bronze knocker, now a prized possession in the Korčula City Museum. This valuable exhibit showcases the fusion of small figures, ancient deities, and symbolic animals, displaying stylistic influences from the era it was created. The knocker portrays Neptune, the god of the sea, holding two lions by their tails. Tiziano Aspetti, an Italian sculptor from the 16th century, crafted statues, reliefs, and portraits in bronze and marble, often drawing inspiration from biblical and mythological themes. The knocker, gifted by the Republic of Venice to honor providore Leonardo Foscola, was originally displayed in Foscola's baroque palace. Jakov Arneri, a respected figure in the Venetian administration and military, held Foscola in high regard, evident by the bust of Foscola placed in Arneri's ancestral home in Korčula. The Arneri family, known as Peruzović in the past, has a rich history in Korčula and made significant contributions to the city. Interestingly, the knocker caught the attention of King Edward of England while he was sailing the Adriatic Sea. Although he offered a substantial amount of silver coins for its purchase, the Arneri family chose to retain their cherished possession.



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