Imagine Korcula

Korcula Town sightseeing with a local guide.

Romance, Drama,  Commedy   2021   2:22 min

The local guide takes the viewer around the town of  Korcula and in five scenes tells us the story about scenery, local artisans, the town’s layout, and the fortifications system. Most of the structures in town originate from before the end of the 15th century and the discovery of the New World. “Imagine Korcula" won 3rd place in its category at the Zagreb Tour film Festival 2021.



our vision

"IMAGINE KORCULA" is a project that will present beauty and attractions of the city and island of Korcula. We also think that the island and its people still live in a harmony with each other and we want to show you how we do it. Focused on the best that the city and island offer “Imagine Korcula” strives to develop the content of the highest quality. We hope that the inspiration we find in Korcula will inspire somebody else to experience Korcula.

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