Dom Mira

Short documentary about the bond between people and the village

Drama, Documentary  2022   6:18 min

Professor Igor Šebić was born in Rijeka, Croatia. In 1956 he visited Lumbarda for the first time, and in 1998 he bought, as he describes it, a ruin from an old woman and since then every stone has passed through their hands. He and his wife Christa built a small home for 20 years. They did not come on vacation to rest, swim and lie in the sun, but gladly came to work on their property and enjoy this picturesque landscape, with a house located on top of Velika Glavica overlooking the sea of every side of the world. He is a lover of Lumbard with many years of experience as a professor of mathematics and physics in Germany. If colleagues asked him: - And where are you going on vacation? His answer was always the same. - Well, we know we're going home to Lumbarda! He shared his story from Lumbarda with us.



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"IMAGINE KORCULA" is a project that will present beauty and attractions of the city and island of Korcula. We also think that the island and its people still live in a harmony with each other and we want to show you how we do it. Focused on the best that the city and island offer “Imagine Korcula” strives to develop the content of the highest quality. We hope that the inspiration we find in Korcula will inspire somebody else to experience Korcula.

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